Finding a balance...

Saturday, 20. May 2017

“Finding a balance”. This is the title that Nico (a student at the Ecole since 2013) and Sarah (a teacher at the Ecole since 1977) gave to the point that they brought to “Schulgemeinde” (our weekly school assembly), to discuss with/question students about their way of dressing. Without any other goal other than interaction, the discussion allowed students to reflect on their choices regarding their own appearance and hear the reactions of others. Many students willingly expressed many different opinions. This issue, which goes beyond the boundaries of our campus, highlighted the daily complexity of living together, but also the chance to live in a community enriched by its diversity.

Here are some comments we heard:

“I don’t think that clothing is always a way of expressing who you are. For example, if I’m hot, I take off my t-shirt, that doesn’t say anything about who I am, but just that I’m hot!”

“In my last school, everyone was dressed very fashionably, with expensive clothing and I didn’t feel good about that because I wasn’t. Here I understood that I could wear whatever I wanted, because fashionable clothing isn’t so important here.”

“When I visited the Ecole with my mum, she thought that the students weren’t well dressed and made her resistant for wanting me to come to the Ecole. I had to insist to make her understand that I definitely wanted to come here!”

“For me it’s cool if I wear ripped or very short clothing, it’s my way of being who I am and I don’t stop anyone from dressing how they want to”

“Sometimes people dress in a provocative manner and they don’t notice how their appearance can offend other people.”

*More information on Schulgemeinde/the school assembly here