It's a small world!

Thursday, 11. May 2017

June Vinhateiro, Director of Admissions for the US Program, recently presented at the Independent Educational Consultant Association's conference in Denver, Colorado. The Ecole was one of 5 schools leading a session on "Understanding Progressive Education and How Five Schools Put These Values Into Practice". After the presentation Ecole alumnus Tino Schuler introduced himself to June. Tino was a student at the Ecole in the early 80's and after university went on to a career in business. In his early semi-retirement he has recently started an educational consulting agency in Jacksonville, Florida. Tina remembered fondly his two years in Haus Sandra, still keeps up with friends he met over 30 years ago at the Ecole, and spoke of how his time at the Ecole impacted his life and most recently his decision to work in the field of educational consulting - helping students and families find schools that are just the right fit. It's a small world!