Ben’s science classes are making the most of winter!

Friday, 20. January 2017

The winter has now settled in the Hasliberg. And Ben’s science classes are making the most of it! Check how students learn and explore at the Ecole!

AP-Environmental Science students conducted a forest survey in the woods behind the “Sportplatz”. It was part of a lab where they were tasked to survey and compare two different forest communities close to the Ecole, using a surveying technique called the wandering quarter method. They worked in groups of three identifying individual tree species based on their bark and buds, measuring the diameter of each tree trunk at breast height, and measuring the distance between trees along a survey line in order to capture the species richness and biodiversity of our local forest community.

Snow Science students collected a snowpack sample on the Platz. Their assignment is to figure out how much water has been stored in the snowpack on the Hasliberg so far this winter, and the first step was for them to find and collect a representative sample with which they can determine the snowpack’s snow-water equivalence (how much liquid water is contained within the snowpack).