6 Day Hike

Sunday, 12. June 2016

Text & photos by Martyn Bryant

Following in Geheeb’s footsteps the Ecole reasserts the worth of walking in the wilderness with the 6 day hike. Again, groups went to Northern Italy and to many parts of Switzerland. The weather was mostly sunny and warm, but many groups were surprised to wake up to snow on the 4th morning.

My group in Val Grande, tired from 3 days of hiking, slept through the snowy morning in a hut. In the afternoon, as we waited for the snow to melt, students took some time to work on their map reading skills and then some spent some time carving beautiful wooden dice. The dice were in preparation for a game of Mia, which Mitarbeiter Ashley taught us.

A showing of the power of the hike is in the students’ reluctance to return to the school on the 6th day and their wish to still be out there as a group, hiking over mountain passes, drinking fresh mountain water, and singing Singemeinde Songs as they go.