As you like it

Wednesday, 20. April 2016

Text by Martyn Bryant, photos by Parkash Matharu

As Mitarbeiters and students return for the last trimester of the academic year, we remember the bright light with which we ended the last semester.

Behind the scenes, off the ski-slopes, many students were rehearsing for the annual Shakespeare Play. Hours and hours of practice - learning lines, learning to embody characters and develop their own relationship with the roles. In addition many students, including a few mitarbeiters, developed the stage design. All was organised and conducted by mitarbeiter Meghan Deere.

As the school wound down, after the skiing was done, after classes were done, all the students’ efforts over many months crystalised into two performances of superb quality and entertainment.

They took us through funerals, wrestling scenes, mistaken identities, intimate conversations, musical interludes (the play had it’s own band or students accompanying the actors with guitars, cellos, piano, bass) and to finish a grand marriage of four couples - all in front of a beautiful changing backdrop of city to forest to city.

If you missed it or want to rewatch, we can’t offer a re-mounting of the play but we can offer you this video:As you like it