Winter has Arrived

Friday, 29. January 2016

Text by Martyn Bryant, photos by Parkash Matharu

After a mild December and with the return of the students, winter has finally arrived in the Hasliberg. Unfortunately this means a lot of shovelling, but students will now spend a good fraction of their time on the mountain - skiing, snowboarding, skitouring, sledding and hiking. Students take ski and snowboard lessons from complete beginner to advanced freestyle and freeride and some students learn ski/snowboard touring so they, with the highest regard to safety, can chase fresh lines in the Haslital.

In unique fashion, each week the Ecole has a ski day. The ski day can take place any day of the week and is chosen by our ski commission to be the day with the best conditions. It gives students a chance to get out early, after putz of course, and culminates with a picnic in the sun at Kaserstatt.

Over the coming weeks this newsletter will focus on some of the winter offerings at the school as well as the continuing offerings inside the classroom and in the evenings.