Intensive Week - Theatre Preparations for Sex-Education Day

Thursday, 03. December 2015

Text by Martyn Bryant, Photos by Parkash Matharu

Intensive week at the Ecole provides an opportunity for students to focus on a single project. One of the twenty projects on offer is for students to develop a theatre piece in preparation for sex education day.

Mitarbeiter Francine, before coming to the Ecole, created a project in California called Teen Monologues. She worked with teens to write a play, partially monologue based, partially dialogue based, which focused on the themes of friendships, relationships, love, sex, gender and more. Teen Monologues has been running for 13 years with new groups of teenagers taking the script and developing it further each year. Each new group has performed it in the San Luis Obispo area of California.

During intensive week, students at the Ecole continued that 13 year effort. They spent 2 days coming to terms with the script and developing it further. After 13 years of development, it is a high quality script which isn’t preachy or cliche and is fresh and visceral. Our students quickly took to liking it. To take some ownership over it, they edited it out of a Californian high-school context and into a European boarding school context. Due to the project’s maturity editing was a difficult task - our students, by going back and forth between small groups and one large group, rose to the occasion.

For a further 2 days students began staging the play. Meghan, as the theatre teacher, helped direct the restaging of Teen Monologues at the Ecole.

Over the past weeks students rehearsed the play in preparation for a performance on Sex-Education day.