Intensive Week Round-Up

Wednesday, 25. November 2015

The Ecole buzzes with enthusiasm during intensive week as students get to choose a project, from about 20 options, to work on for a week - without distraction.

All manner of activities were on offer and as the school regrouped at the end of the week during the Sunday evening Andacht, students from each project showed what they’d been working on. The results were quite amazing (and unfortunately too numerous to go into detail).

There were budding astronomers, creators of new metal chess pieces for the giant outdoor board, painters of a fresh Haupthaus, new ukulele luthiers, new experts on German film, students fit and ready for the snow to fall and the ski-lifts to open, students who deeply meditated the poem ‘Recueillement’ by Baudelaire for a staged interpretation, a new experimental musical medley project, very relaxed practitioners of yoga, new hike planning and navigating experts and many many more.

The main problem for students at the Ecole is working out which wonderful project to get involved with next.