Ken Mellor Visits The Ecole

Thursday, 12. November 2015

Psychologist and Meditation Master Ken Mellor recently visited the Ecole. He joined us for a few days and led three sessions - (1) A talk on the psychology of teenagers with the mitarbeiters, (2) a meditation session for the whole school and (3) he spoke in the andacht about his route into meditation.

Ken, with his wife Elizabeth, is author of numerous publications, one of which is “Teen Stages: How to guide the journey to adulthood.” He presented his model that the developing teenage brain, as the hormones kick-in, mirrors the development of a childhood brain. Here he described his stages of adolescence from the baby, to the dissenter, to the fledgling, to the romantic, to the world leader.

Ken’s meditation focussed on some grounding and stress reduction exercises. Mitarbeiter Alain uses Ken’s meditation tapes in his afternoon meditation classes so it was a chance to hear Ken’s deep and smooth voice live. This was a very popular meditation with 40+ students and mitarbeiters joining.

Finally, to end his visit, Ken described his early flirtations with Meditation - from night drives where him and his wife-to-be turned left or right at intersections on instinct, to his first interactions with a Guru in Australia, to multiple visits to India to see the master Gurus.

His trip was very enriching for staff and students and we hope to see him again soon.