Friday, 23. October 2015

by Guido BieriThis year, we had around 50 students and staff participate in Alp day. On Friday 10th October, we went up to Mägisalp with the gondela, ascending through a deep wall of fog.

After a short hike of 15 minutes, we arrived at the "Seemad" and we had a surprise waiting for us. Three employees from the Alp Co-operative Mägisalp were waiting for us with a second breakfast called "Znüni". We had cheese, bread and chocolate milk. Duly invigorated, we started our days' work on the steep hills of the mountains. The cut green alder had to be collected in big heaps to prevent the meadows from being overgrown.

As we were fortunate to have so many participants in the Alp day, we were able to complete work early. This allowed us to go through the meadows and remove any big stones. The cows will be happy next summer, as they will be able to enjoy the green grass of the meadows. The day concluded in the mountain restaurant Mägisalp with ice cream and drinks on the house.

We would like to thank the Alp Co-operative and Restaurant Mägisalp!