Community Service on the Local Alp

Thursday, 10. October 2013

by Sebastian Alvarado

Yesterday was the annual Hasliberg Alp Day, where Ecole students and other community members go up the mountain to clean up one of the local alps. This year, about forty students and teachers met after breakfast to collect some lunch supplies before walking to the gondola station at Reuti and catching the gondola up to Magisalp. At Magisalp, everyone split up into groups of six, with one teacher in charge of each group, and quickly got to work.

Katherine was in charge of the group I was in. We walked around Mägisalp, through the forests, picking up branches from the ground and putting them into big piles so that the Magisalp farmers could burn them later. The dynamics of the group were a lot of fun, but everyone took the work very seriously. Some of the branches we were collecting belonged to trees that are pests in this area and are damaging the local environment.

While we worked, Katherine and I spent time talking about the winter term and how excited we are to come back to Mägisalp when it’s all covered in snow. After three hours of hard, exhausting work, we finished up and had lunch on the alp. At the end of lunch we returned to the Ecole, leaving the alp in good condition as the winter snows approach the Hasliberg.