Haslital Magazine Profile

Wednesday, 14. October 2015

by Martyn Bryant, Text in Haslital Magazin by Benno Breitenmoser

In the most recent edition of Haslital Magazine the Ecole is profiled within the context of the Hasliberg and the outdoor opportunities it has to offer.

Also within these pages is a Q&A with Ecole Mitarbeiters Tom and Mel, who discuss their passion for Teaching, the Ecole and the Ecole’s setting.

As one question goes: The Ecole is known for its progressive education. What significance do outdoor activities have in this philosophy?

Tom: Students who don’t necessarily respond well to academic classes can experience situations in the outdoors that they can respond well to. We show them that they can have a positive impact and they are in control of what’s going on around them. You take them into completely different situations, where they choose a good path in the mountains, protect someone from a risk, warn other people, hold people’s ropes, start a campfire for getting dinner going when everyone is tired. We build a bridge to other aspects of their lives, so they can take control in these areas too.

We hope you enjoy reading the rest of the profile at Haslital.ch.