Instrument Making

Wednesday, 07. October 2015

by Martyn Bryant, Photo by Parkash Matharu

After the 4-day hike, as the school settles into its regular rhythm, students have the time and space to drive various projects forward.

One very popular project is the creation of a musical instrument in the wood workshop.

Depending on the student’s goals and vision they can take on the simpler yet tricky project of making a soprano ukulele, essentially from scratch, or if they prefer they can make the ukulele’s bigger cousin the tenor ukulele or perhaps even an acoustic guitar.

Students started these projects at various times so they can be found at all steps of the construction process - from cutting out the body or sound hole, through a variety of intermediate steps such as shaping the neck or creating the frets, eventually to the beautiful moment of being able to putting the strings in place and playing their first note on their own instrument.

Mitarbeiter Micha provides expert guidance and patience. He transcends the construction process and is always ready to instruct and support students at all stages of their instrument’s production. His instruction comes in at least four languages although I think he could stretch to a few more.

Of course, after completion is learning to play a ukulele or a guitar - but that’s the easy part.