The Learning Centre

Monday, 21. September 2015

by Martyn Bryant

The Learning Centre has now been running, in its new format, for 2 weeks. It still takes place in the hour between dinner and stille stunde each evening but there have been changes.

It has a new home in the Textilraum, which has been refurbished over the summer, giving much more workspace.

In addition, this year we have more mitarbeiters supervising each night and also more peer tutors (students who are members of the TASK - Team of Academic Support Kids - community service group). They both provide both subject and organisational support for both Swiss and American Systems.

It has re-started as a very popular facility for students. This is mostly due to those who, in these first few weeks, are very keen to make progress with their academics. But this is partly due to those incentivised but the tea and cookies on offer. Either way, they’re learning.

As peer tutor Coltrane says, “We help students struggling to keep up with the speed at which new concepts are introduced in class,” and, “The help is tailored to the individual, whether it be teaching processes for solving problems or helping to reduce the number of errors students make.”