Hitting the ground running

Monday, 07. September 2015

by Martyn Bryant, photo by Meghan Deere

This coming week - after much ground work and the best double rainbow I’ve ever seen - courses, classes, families and various groups transition into their regular rhythm.

Today both afternoon classes and the Learning Centre start up once again.

In the afternoons, several new classes are being offered (e.g. Middle Eastern cooking, Lindy Hop and programming) as well as the continuation of Ecole favourites like climbing and ukulele making.

The new Learning Centre is unveiled tonight. This year it will have more mitarbeiter support than ever before.

At the end of the week, what better way to finish off a typical Ecole week than a Tichu tournament.

During this period seven mitarbeiters leave, some to the Jungfrau region, some to the Schangnau for hike leader training with the Swiss Alpine Club. This is in preparation for future 4 and 6-day hikes.

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Have a good week.