Arrival of the New Students

Tuesday, 01. September 2015

by Martyn Bryant

There are many firsts in life - many natural, many difficult, many unnoticed. Being dropped off by your parents at a boarding school for the first time, regardless of personality, must be unforgettable. The new students arrived, from many corners of the globe, this past Sunday on a perfect summer’s day. With the aid of their helping students, they found their new houses, bedrooms, sheets - the essentials.

The day continued in the Grossen Saal with Celtic and Roma music and a welcome from Mike, Enrico and the leadership team. Following that the parents took part in a forum where they could voice any concerns they have about their children's’ integration into the school.

After dinner the parents gradually peeled away leaving their children, with a range of emotions from joy to tight throats, to more firsts. Their first elephant step. Their first folk dance. Their first Ecole family. Their first night on the Hasliberg.

The new students will continue their orientation over the coming days, continuing to getting to know each other and choosing what they are going to start pursuing here. There’s so much to do - Physics, History, French, Climbing, Shakespeare theatre, Hip-Hop dance, Students Politics, Silverwork, making a ukulele, learning to cook Middle-Eastern food, Body Percussion and more and more and more. Making a decision will be difficult.

This bi-weekly news article will try and keep up and highlight some of the different opportunities over the coming year.

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