'Vertrauensrat' (Peer Counseling Group) Retreat

Wednesday, 27. May 2015

by Martyn Bryant

The Vertrauensrat* (Peer Counselling group) has been nominated and selected for the next academic year.

As part of their preparations they spent last weekend, with the current Vertrauensrat members, developing their skills as peer counsellors at a mountain retreat near the Brunig Pass.

They took part in various cooperative games to bring the group closer (such as the infuriating string game where two people are tied together from the wrists and have to escape without untying or using scissors or brute force). They learnt in detail about human psychology and the psychology of an Ecole student and they practiced active listening and trying to find solutions through conversation and mediation.

Rebekka, a newly selected Vertrauensrat member, summarized the experience, “We worked together, to support each other, so that we can come back and share our skills in the community.”

We thank the current team for their efforts throughout the year and wish the new team well from September.