The test hike and the hike window

Monday, 18. May 2015

by Martyn Bryant

From Thursday May 14th the Hike Commission turn their eyes to the sky, various forms of weather divination (perhaps even goats, to judge the mood), and our contacts in the Swiss Meteorological Service, to help them decide when the 6-day hike will take place. Our window for departure is from Sunday May 17th until early June.

Their task is further complicated as different groups' hike routes radiate from the Ecole in different directions - North West to Bern, West into the French-speaking part of Switzerland and South to Val Grande and Gran Paradiso in Italy - so the weather may not necessarily cooperate and correlate in all regions.

Last Thursday, May 7th, the goats were happy, the Hike Commission was happy, and a test hike took place under ideal conditions. Each group was tested to see if they could cope with the rigors of their upcoming 6-day hike. Group 1, who will hike in the Mountains west of Locarno, were tested by being marched up the Wilerhorn by Chantal, our school nurse. The group athletically followed her to the summit to enjoy the view of Brienzersee and with their excess energy sang most of the Beatles back catalog on the way down.

So, we leave it to the goats and their predictions for the coming days. Fingers and hoofs crossed for fine weather!

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