Morning Courses

Our students don't receive a ready-made school schedule, but participate in creating their own. Classes take place in small groups--on average, six students. Instruction is organized on a block schedule: from Monday to Saturday, for a whole trimester, students attend the same three courses. At the end of each trimester they create a new schedule for the following term.

Morning Schedule from Monday to Friday

07.00Breakfast followed by cleaning job
08.05 - 09.20First Class
09.20 - 09.45A-Break
09.45 - 10.45Second Class
10.45 - 11.00B-Break
11.00 - 11.55Third Class

Course System

Our Course System is flexibly organized. Every trimester we create a brand new schedule of classes. Students can wish for subjects, teachers, and sometimes even themes. The Advisors have their students' transcripts in view and make sure that they fulfill all requirements for their diplomas. They create "Must-lists", which then have to be coordinated with the students' wishes.

The construction of the Course Plan for the entire school is a long, demanding, but rewarding process, because the students are actively constructing their school day and are highly motivated by this. Concentration on only three subjects per trimester allows for deeper learning and the development of students' individual study habits.

US Program

The US School Program is college preparatory, Ecole-style! Students build their own course of study based on their own individual goals, piecing together graduation requirements, innovative interdisciplinary classes, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in a mosaic that is different for each individual. (We offer APs rather than the IB precisely because they allow students to construct their own individual programs, while providing access to colleges and universities around the globe.) A faculty advisor and the Dean of Academics work closely with each student throughout this process, ensuring that they consider all options and opportunities.

Designed in consultation with college admissions officers, our narrative transcript offers depth and texture and has proven effective at facilitating student admissions to a wide array of schools of all types, sizes, and locations. (See Recent college Admissions ) Meanwhile our students' excellent record of performance on the externally marked AP exams lays to rest the myth that students need grades in order to learn.

Swiss Matura Program

The Matura system runs outside of the normal course plan. The necessary courses are divided over three and a half years. Students in the Matura classes work in fixed groups to ready themselves for the exams. Matura courses are open, however, to all students with the relevant interest and ability.