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Information about the Opening of the new Learning Center and Library | Eberhard Berent-Haus | Oct. 18th 2017 (in German)

Berenthaus Opening - Speeches Enrico Simen and Katja Braun - 171018 (in German)

Berenthaus Opening - Speech Hans Peter Thoeni - 171018 (in German)

Berenthaus Opening - Speech Regierungsrat Ammann - 171018 (in German)

Berenthaus Opening - Press Release (in German)

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The Creative International Boarding School in the Bernese Alps - Mountain Climbers - Progressive Education in the Heart of the Swiss Alps

ABODE2 Exclusive Showcase Ecole d'Humanité 2020

This is how "Learning without fear" sounds! | Jungfrau Zeitung, November, 4th 2018

So klingt «Lernen ohne Angst»

The Ecole d'Humanité wins a Solar Prize! | Jungfrau Zeitung, October, 20th 2018

Beispiele, die zur Nachahmung empfohlen werden

Our six high school graduates from the Swiss system all passed the demanding Federal Matura Examination. | Jungfrau Zeitung, March, 22nd 2018

Jetzt kann das Leben beginnen | Jungfrau Zeitung | 22. März 2018

Partage | A Radio Broadcast on a French radio: Katja Braun, Alain Richard and students spoke from the heart about the Ecole | February, 5th 2018

Partage | Radio broadcast in French (28 min)

"The Ecole d'Humanité is unique and sparkles like a rock crystal in the sun, in the educational landscape of the canton of Bern" | Jungfrau Zeitung, October, 20th 2017 (in German)

New Learning Center at the Ecole d'Humanité | Jungfrau Zeitung, October, 20th 2017 (In German)

The Ecole d'Humanité has opened a new Learning Center and Library in the Eberhard Berent-Haus | Berner Zeitung, October, 20th 2017 (in German)

More than a library | Berner Zeitung, October , 20th 2017 (in German)

Watch our alum Stephan Eicher in the TV Show "Sternstunde Philosophie" ! (in German) | SRF, September, 25th 2017

Stephan Eicher, Sternstunde Philosophie

Such schools create better citizens | Tages-Anzeiger, April 18th, 2017

The French Researcher Dan Sperber explains the current political polarization (in German) | Tages-Anzeiger, April 18th, 2017

(R)Evolution of the Ecole d'Humanité - This school opens your heart (in German) | Anzeiger Oberhasli, Juli 8th, 2016

(R)Evolution der Ecole d'Humanité | Anzeiger Oberhasli, Juli 8th, 2016

Ecole (R)eunion: Stefan Eicher was our Guest | Berner Oberländer/Thuner Tagblatt, June 29th, 2016

Stefan Eicher was our guest | Berner Oberländer/Thuner Tagblatt, June 29th 2016

Who lives there? (Wie damals im Schullager)

Feigl, Ingrid; Boner, Jörg; Sachse, Grudrun (01/2014): Wie damals im Schullager, NZZ Folio, S. 50-52

School Receives Outdoor Certification (Schule erhält Outdoorlabel)

Lehmann, Fritz: Schule erhält Outdoorlabel, Berner Oberländer, 17.02.2011, S. 5

Outdoor Program at the Ecole d'Humanité Fulfills Requirements (Outdoor-Programm der Ecole d'Humanité erfüllt Anforderungen)

Pressedienst: Erste Schule mit

School as Community (Schule als Lebensgemeinschaft)

Roten, Michèle (23/2010): Schule als Lebensgemeinschaft, Das Magazin, S. 15-23

Learning for Life--Around the Clock (Lernen fürs Leben--rund um die Uhr)

Leutenegger, Marius und Strech, Heiko (03/2009): Lernen fürs Leben – rund um die Uhr, Futura, S. 5-13