How we live

"We all do better, when we all do better." – Paul Wellstone

Ecole Families are tight-knit groups of young men and women, diverse in age, race, nationality, and economic status. Guided by their supervising teachers, families cook elaborate meals, plan activities, and work through conflicts, joys, jealousies, and disappointments. They team up to be silly at festivals or serious in the face of a community problem, and sit down to eat together and connect with one another three times a day. Along the way, students at the Ecole learn how to serve meals and wash dishes; how to care for and clean common spaces; and how to build a stage or take care of goats. Ecole students learn how to stand up for their opinion in a family meeting or in a school assembly; and how to negotiate cultural differences while remaining true to themselves. They find their own voice, and that carries them into successful, healthy relationships, both here and in their future life in college, at work, and beyond.

"No other place has offered me the same lessons in living a balanced life, keeping an open mind, building relationships, and developing problem solving skills--all attributes I credit for a happy and contented life today."
Sia Yiu, former student, Strategic Marketing Manager, Dow Europe GmbH, Horgen, Switzerland