A Midsummer Night's Dream or A COVID Lockdown Nightmare ¦ March 2021

A play by William Shakespeare

Directed by: Melissa Bagg und Sophie Jaschok

Photos by: Noah Bühler and Erica Knecht

Live-Stream of the performances

The Winter's Tale | March 2019

A play by William Shakespeare
Directed by Melissa Bagg and Sophie Jaschok

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"Voyelles" - French Theater

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Directed by Karuna Richard (dance) and Alain Richard (theater)
Photos credits: Love Weber

The Tempest

"The Tempest" by William Shakespeare. A story of magic, betrayal, forgiveness and moving forward...
Performed on March 17th and 18th 2018 at the Ecole by Ecole students.

Directed by Meghan Deere and Melissa Bagg
Drawing by the student Lola G.
Photo credits: Love Weber and the students Dennis H., Laurie B, Naomi S., Narra F.

Music Evening

Organization: Sigi Thöni

Music students from the Ecole and local village school dazzled again in another end-of-term recital.
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Christmas Play 2017

Directed by Ernst Thöni

The traditional Christmas play has beautifully ended our trimester. The whole school enjoyed watching an old Austrian play with live music from the Ecole Singensemble as well as from the Ecole string quartet.

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Music Evening

Organization: Josh Curtis

At Music Evening, Ecole students and local children performed a diverse and vibrant selection of pieces, running from classical masterworks to folk lullabies, musical theater and contemporary pop music.
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Warum?! ("Why?!")

Direction: Michael Schreier

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

Written by Jess Borgeson, Adam Long, and Daniel Singer
Directed by Meghan Deere

Ecole Concert in Meiringen | May 21st 2017

After a few years' hiatus, we will finally gave another concert in the Michaelskirche Meiringen, led by our longtime Mitarbeiter, Ernst Thöni. The program included instrumental and choral pieces of old masters (Palestrina, Praetorius, Attaingnant, and others) and songs from different countries and cultures including Lebanon, Israel, Ukraine, Sweden, Spain, Cuba, the Roma of Romania/Hungary, and even one from Romansh Switzerland. We treated our audience to a harmonic meditation and also include solo performances by our talented vocalists.

Sunday, 21st May at 5 pm in the St. Michaelskirche, Meiringen
Conducted by Ernst Thöni
Drawing by the student Lola Goncharova

L'invitation au voyage - December 2016

During the fall term, Alain, Karuna und Meg worked together with 20 students on a poem from Charles Baudelaires "L'Invitation au Voyage" (The invitation to a journey), created a theater and dance show. Following the remarkable performance of our dance and theatre play ‘L’invitation au voyage – The Invitation to Journey’ in December, the cast is continuing to rehearse, and is about to go on tour!

Christmas Play 2016

The traditional Christmas play has beautifully ended our trimester. The whole school enjoyed watching an old Austrian play with live music from the Ecole Singensemble as well as from the Ecole string quartet.

Direction: Ernst & Sigi Thöni

As You Like It

After hours and hours of rehearsals the play was to be shown. Thanks to Meg for directing and the students for their performance.

Christmas Play 2015

The autumn term ended with a Christmas play.

French Theatre 'Recueillement'

Over the course of the fall trimester, Mitarbeiter Alain has worked with a group of student to meditate on a poem in order to produce a play, in the French language. This year they’ve been meditating Recueillement by Charles Baudelaire which, in English, roughly means Contemplation or Meditation.

Macbeth 2015

Macbeth is a play of contradiction, prophecy, betrayal, revenge. and ambition. Driven to becoming King, Macbeth will kill all and any that get in his way. He puts his faith in the words and prophesies of three witches, after their first one (that he will become Thane of Cawdor) comes through. Macbeth's wife, Lady Macbeth, is instrumental is Macbeth's ambition. This production was directed by Meghan.

Music Evening 2015

We were all treated to Performances by Tina, Till, Jonas, Shanti, Anna-Belle, Benita, Sunyan, Marie and Stefka.

French Theater 'Secrets'

Alain, Mel and the 10th grade Swiss Matura class performed their original piece Secrets, inspired by Charles Baudelaire's poem La Vie Antérieure. They had us in stitches of laughter one minute, tears of sorrow the next.

The Wedding

An one-act play by Anton Chekhov
Directed by Sigi and Ernst Thöni and Luca Schumacher

A wedding is taking place. The table is set up and guests come together for a great feast. But soon enough conflicts arise as everyone awaits a distinguished military general whose attendance was promised. When he arrives, it turns out that he is not a general after all…

Music Evening

The theme of "farewell" was at the center of this term's music evening. The performances were of the highest caliber; the performers played with dedication and passion, and this clearly touched the audience. The music teachers were also present to support their students. The combination of wonderful people, an abundance of talent and an atmosphere of support made the music evening a great success!

Drums, Djembé and Bands

Organized by Beat Ming and René Schläpfer, percussionists and drummers had the opportunity to present their work. The strength and energy that emanates from African drums was evident, as was the physical tension of the musicians. The students on the drum set inspired their listeners as they presented pieces of different complexity in technique and coordination.

Impro Theatre

At the end of the term, Michael Schreier and a few volunteers showed what they had learned in their weekly meetings. Suddenly, a dog was scratching on the scene, a ghost threatened someone, a senile grandfather fought against being brought to the rest home …

Romeo and Juliet

A play by William Shakespeare
Directed by Melissa Bagg and Daniel Davis Wood

What is this “infectious pestilence” creeping through “fair” Verona? Is it in the stars? Or rather in the streets? It is the “sick health” of a world where “Famine is in thy cheeks. Need and oppression starveth in thy eyes.” Romeo‘s encounter with the drug-dealing Apothecary at the end of his journey pinpoints the poverty of this society, where those who are “bare and full of wretchedness” are left to “hang, beg, starve, die in the streets.”

Music Evening

Organization: Sigi Thöni

The music evening at the end of the term was also this time a pleasure for the ears: Right at the beginning, Catarina Demenga animated an atonal improvisation in the style of contemporary music. Two paintings, one with big dabs and one with bold brush lines, were transformed into sound by violins and voices. Afterwards we had a wonderful presentation of the musicians, showing their potential.

Christmas Play 2013

Directed by Ernst Thöni, Sigi Thöni, Christian Egli

This year, Fall Term ended with a traditional Christmas Play. "Das Gotteskind" by Emil Alfred Hermann is performed at the Ecole every few years. Written in 1913 – exactly 100 years ago – it was performed first in Dresden at the Neues Königliches Schauspielhaus.

Music Evening

Organization: Sigi Thöni

With the Music Evening this term, a treasure chest was opened. In front of the scenery for the Christmas Play, talented students and music teachers presented projects that they had prepared alone or together. From pieces by old masters to film music to folk and pop, every style of music was represented.


French Theater after the poem "Le pont Mirabeau" by Guillaume Apollinaire (1880–1918).
Written and directed by Alain Richard.

Guillaume Apollinaire lives under the Mirabeau Bridge, writes poetry and seeks perfect love. After each relationship, he painstakingly drafts a new verse for his poem. And yet he can’t complete it – the refrain continues to elude him. Only once he can open up his own heart, and forgive his mother, can this be resolved.


Written and directed by Michael Schreier.

A group of students organize a graduation party. Julia falls in love with Jake, a foreigner, but her classmates are not indifferent about that relationship. Suddenly Julia receives an SMS from an unknown person and realizes how much these poetic lines have to do with her own life.

Much Ado About Nothing

A play by William Shakespeare. Directed by Melissa Bagg, Sophie Olsen, and Daniel Davis Wood.

A little boy, alone and forlorn in his room, begins to imagine, drawing a circle with his breath on the window. He dreams of escape, summoning a purple story out of the surrounding walls – castles, ladies, lovers, and the happy reunion of his quarreling parents, whom he paints in his tale as Beatrice and Benedick (their merry war of wit may end in a kiss…).

Peace and Culture Evening 2013

To get to know the different cultures at the Ecole better, a group of students organizes the annual Peace and Culture Evening, an opportunity for students and teachers to present music and poetry from their own countries. This year featured an Armenian dance, a movie clip about Bermuda, a song from Switzerland, and much more.

Les Effarés

French Theater after a poem by Arthur Rimbaud (1854–1891). Directed by Alain Richard.

In a bakery there is a warm, alluring oven. Around that oven revolves a story about hunger for real life and the perpetual fight between good and evil.

Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare. Directed by Natalie Lüthi-Peterson and Melissa Bagg.

Illyria, the land of hilarity or illusion, illness and delirium. “Are all the people mad?” Indeed. But then, they are perhaps “no more mad than you are.” Imagine a world where the characters are shut inside their own “high fantastical” obsessions. A labyrinth of doors protects their secrets. And then, a stranger comes to Illyria, a fresh voice who can speak “many sorts of music” and wakes these sleeping souls to a more “natural perspective.”


French Theater after a poem by Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867). Directed by Alain Richard.

A man, originally born with wings, falls down to earth. Without his wings he must learn to walk through life...

The End of Civilisation As We Know It

By Mark D. Kaufmann. Directed by Sonia Benenson and KC Hill.

It's the morning of the dreaded honors history exam, and the whole class is on edge. When Mrs. Mangles finally shows up, the exam she gives the class is anything but what they were expecting!

Godzilla Brings Death To Hokaido

By David Minton. Directed by Molly Graham Hickman.

Two boys play on an old attic and channel-surf a TV. Suddenly, the shows start to mix with one another and with the real world as well...

A Midsummer Night's Dream

By William Shakespeare. Directed by Natalie Lüthi-Peterson, Melissa Bagg, and Sam Bagg.

Young Hermia is told to "fit your fancies to your father’s will." She must "question her desire," and agree to marry her father’s friend, or be put to death. This is the Athenian Law: conform, or be cast aside. And so defiant Hermia flees the city with her lover Lysander, pursued by Demetrius who loves her, who in turn is pursued by Helena, who loves him, and the four lovers become lost in the tangled chaos at the edge of town. The ground gives way, and in the smoky haze of the trash heap "everything seems double."