Birklehof Cup

Ecolianers joined for the fifth time the Birklehof Cup, a friendly, student-organized, competition with other private schools, all in Germany. And this time they came home with the trophy!
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Winter sports 2019

Over the ten-week term, Ecole students participated in one torch run, eight ski days, twenty skitours, more than 120 ski and snowboard classes and a memorable Skifest closing this fabulous winter sports season.

Photos by the students Laurie, Malonda, Wes

4 Day Hike | September 2018

Photos: Yazdian, Leo, and other talented students!

4 Day Hike | September 2017

Photos: Laurie Boissenin, Narra Fortin, Rodolphe Martin, Emily Strahler

Mountain Biking

The Mountain biking course which is run by Danny and Tom. They cycle through the local area admiring the beautiful views as they follow a path across the mountains.

4 Day Hike 2015

Students, teachers and helpers went off in their groups to different locations to hike!

Test Hike 2015

Teachers, helpers and students separated into their groups and hiked in different parts of the region.

6 Day Hike 2015

Another successful 6 day hike! Students, helpers and teachers all took part, either staying local or going to the high mountains in Italy. There was a variety of hikes this year, ranging from a Shakespeare hike to a bike hike,

Test Hike

It's the day of the test hike! The students and teachers are using this day to prepare for the 6 day hike which will be in a couple of weeks!

Alp Day 2014

This year, Alp Day took place on a wet and foggy autumn day. Despite the weather, about forty students and teachers worked on the mountain to support Alpine farming at Mägisalp by cutting and gathering up piles of alder branches.

4 Day Hike 2014

Another successful and amazing 4 day hike! We all got to explore amazing parts of Switzerland and even Italy! There were many different hikes ranging from intense treks across the mountains, to yoga hikes, hut hikes, swimming in lakes, camp-fires and sleeping under the stars.

Blueberry Hike 2014

The students and staff join their families to go on the hunt for blueberries.

Six-Day Hike

Another successful 6 day hike! From June 2nd until the 6th, we all got to explore the mountains and the beauty of a simple life style and each others company. Different experiences such as long days of hiking, going up and over passes, campfires, swimming in lakes, skiing on glaciers, summiting peaks, sleeping under the stars, feeling the wind, cooking together, help foster friendships and strengthen the Ecole community.


Gstelliwang, Rosenlaui

This tour offers a great physical challenge to our students. A sustained steep ascent leads to an amazing long descent of one of the best north facing slopes in the region.


Loop around Glogghüs–Rothorn, Hasliberg

A very scenic and challenging route, that offers steep slopes and couloirs that are often filled with powder snow.


Bandspitz, Rosenlaui

Today the beginner class enjoyed their first long day ski tour. Everyone enjoyed a full ski day to take advantage of that fresh powder.


Gibel, Hasliberg

One of the classic ski tours out of the backyard of the school. A great classroom for beginners.

4-day Hike 2013

From the very beginning of our hike window, the weather could not have been better. Thanks to the sun, a lot of hike groups stayed in the Bernese Oberland – among them the Hasliberg llama trekkers – while others brought back pictures of golden grasslands from Ticino and Italy. And, of course, there was also the mountaineering hike that crested glaciers around the Trifthütte.

Blueberry Hike 2013

As in previous years, one of the first events to take place amongst Ecole families was the annual Blueberry Hike. Aside from the picking of berries, there was plenty of time to get to know the countryside, to barbecue, to talk, and to paint ones faces with blueberry juice.

Six-Day Hike 2013

It was worth the waiting: in a summer term that rarely deserved its name, we had to wait a long time before the hike groups were able to go south – into Val Grande, Centovalli or Valley Onsernone.

Four-Day Hike 2012

Hiking with animals: in addition to the normal hikes into Italy and the annual Alpine tours, this year's Four-Day Hike saw students taking their first Llama Trek across the Hasliberg.

Blueberry Hike 2012

A blueberry hike that truly deserved its name: rarely do we find as many berries as we did this year!