Every day life at the Ecole

Family Photos

Creative, funny, interesting family photos for the Yearbook!

Wide range of afternoon courses

At the Ecole d‘Humanité, students create their own schedule!
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Urban Gardening: Former students deliver fresh vegetables in boxes

Our alumni Füsy (Jonas), Sascha and Ramy (Vikram) have developed a contemporary gardening project. If you have no space, no time, or no experience with gardening, you can still grow your own vegetables, thanks to their business “Gmüesgärtli.ch.” Your garden will be delivered in boxes and planted by the "gmüesgärtlern". This is an ideal project also for the many Ecolianers who will go on to live in urban areas.

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Art Class with Maria

Here the students are working on their own art pieces

Advanced Folk Dancing

Ernst and Sigi teaching advanced Folk Dancing to some eager students.

Ski Day

Today was ski-day! And what a beautiful day it was for it to, bright blue sky and glorious sunshine.

Skateboarding class

Here we have a skateboarding class that takes place in Meiringen. This is a student run course but it has the support of a helping teacher that attends the classes with the participants.

Pottery Class

This pottery class is run by Maria. This gives students and helpers the chance to get creative with their hands. Rory, who is a helper, is currently working on an abstract piece and he will paint it once it has settled

Hockey Class

A hockey taught by Roman, this class was full of energy and after a few warm ups and drills they split into 3 teams and began playing games! They all played with enthusiasm and passion!

Physics class with Martyn

Here we have a Physics class with new teacher Martyn. The student were learning about charging and discharging a capacitor.

Economics with Ken

Here we have an Economics class with new teacher Ken. The students were learning about the Economy of Switzerland with the help of 4 themes, Wealth, Unemployment, Inflation and Government Debt.


In yesterday's Andacht we were all treated to a stunning Opera performance by our very own pianist Stefka Rancheva and special guest Regina Meyer.


2 kids were born at the Ecole.

Physics with Christian

A Physics class with Christian. They are learning about Hydro and Aero mechanics, they are making hot air balloons.


This Andacht was led by Noelle and Jonas, a student in the Swiss Matura. It was about gender equality and included some shocking facts about women's rights around the world. Our students and teachers were all very engaged and it became a hot topic of conversation during Sunday's family meeting.

Ski Day

Today is Ski day! The clouds cleared up early this Morning to let in the glorious sunshine!

Preparation for Exams!

A Matura 12 Physics class with Giulio. They are currently preparing for their exams which are in 2 weeks! We wish them good luck!

Stop Motion Class

A stop motion animation class run by Mathijs and Parky using Mathijs's 2 iPads and an iPhone. Giving the students a chance to do something different and it allows them to create something unique!

Drum and Band evening

Luca, Jerimiah, Jan and Ano performed outstanding drum solos followed by Jonas, Leo, Luca and teacher Alex performed as a band.

Advanced English Class

"The aim of this advanced English literature class is to familarize non-native English speakers with college level critical methodology and to equip them the skills to apply this theory to works of literature in preparation for AP courses and university. Each session begins with a seminar style discussion about post-colonial literary theory followed by closely guided writing activities, weekly vocabulary tests and essays." Alexander Cosh, US system teacher.

Summer Term

A short but wonderful summer term with lots of encounters on the "Platz".

Snowsport Days

As every winter term, once per week students and teachers exchanged their classrooms for the ski runs and hat a lot of fun.

End-of-Courses School Assembly

By offering presentations at the end of the term, students and teachers gave the rest of the school little glimpses into their courses and some insight on their work. This term's presentations included a historical theater performance focused on Lenin, a feasibility study on poultry farming at the Ecole, a rap song about Marie Antoinette, and more.

Family Photos 2013

Which family photo is the most creative, funny, interesting? In 2013, the Yearbook Group offered a reward to motivate all families to give their best!

Below you can see photos of the following families: Waldhaus | Urseni | Wagenschein | Blatti | Westhaus | Osthaus Oben | Lüthi-Peterson | Kathrin | Sandra | Bach | Hang | Haupthaus | Geheeb | Alessia | Osthaus Unten | Shanti

Summer Term 2013

This year, students and staff at the Ecole had to wait a long time for the warm and long summer evenings to come. But after one last snowfall in May, it was finally possible to enjoy the late "Stille Stunde" and afternoons at the local lake.

Winter Term 2013

A winter with wonderful conditions! The snow was so thick and long-lasting that you could ski and snowboard down to the school campus until the end of March. Students and staff enjoyed a lot of runs on the slopes as well as skiing and snowboarding tours.