Employment Opportunities

Highlights of working for the Ecole include: small classes of 5-12 students, a teaching load of three morning academic classes that meet six days a week, independent student investigations, and the ability to tailor your own curriculum in accordance with your intellectual passions and expertise. Ecole students are diverse, independent learners and leaders, who are globally aware and capable of meaningful collaboration with adults and peers.

In the afternoons and evenings, teachers lead a variety of enrichment activities (sports, arts, farming, performance, handcrafts, outdoor programs) based on their own talents and interests. Students and teachers make the most of the school’s magnificent Alpine location through an extensive outdoor education program, hiking and climbing in the autumn and spring, and skiing or snowboarding in the winter.

Students live in small “Ecole Family” groups with 2-3 teachers (teachers live in private apartments) for 6-10 young people. There is an emphasis on responsible community living and student involvement in all facets of daily school life, from school upkeep to curriculum planning. Faculty lead weekly activities for the family group, and provide individual social and emotional support.

Currently we have no open positions


Emily Strahler, Dean of Academics

Tel.: +41 (0)33 972 92 92

Mail: teachingopportunities@ecole.ch