Accreditation and Partnerships

Our school program is accredited by AdvancED, our Outdoor Program by Safety in Adventures



AdvancED is the world's largest accrediting organization and certifies over 32,000 schools in over 71 countries. After an extensive internal and external review process we received their highest level of accreditation in June of 2013. Because the Ecole is so different from most other schools, the accreditation committee first had to familiarize itself with our concepts and practices.

After intensive discussion, observations, and analysis of internal sources, AdvancED gave us very positive feedback, along with constructive suggestions regarding our efforts to improve the school. The committee found our goals and methods demanding and effective, and we exceeded their standards in almost all of the areas reviewed--if sometimes in unconventional ways.

The accreditation committee especially highlighted two significant strengths of our school:

"The school's environment encompasses organizational structures that enable the establishment of positive adult-student relationships that support the emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs of every student."

"The school places a high value on the internal stakeholders' abilities to function autonomously at their levels of responsibility."

Safety in Adventures

Safety in adventures

In 2011 the Ecole became the first and, up to now, the only school in Switzerland to obtain Safety in Adventures certification for its risk-management system for outdoor activities.