Adding another language to the Ecole repetoire

Mittwoch, 03. Dezember 2014

by Victoria Zurakowski

Last week we the teachers and students embarked on a new learning experience. We gathered together to begin our introductory sign language course. We felt a strong community spirit as members of our school family, old and young supported our youngest member of the Ecole community.

A few weeks ago, baby Ivy was diagnosed as being deaf. Our students and staff rallied around Ivy and her parents to show our support and love. There was an excellent turnout and a lot of fun and laughter was had as we attempted BSL (British Sign Language) for the first time. We’re eager to grow with Ivy and continue communication. We’re now able to sign the alphabet, spell our names and even introduce ourselves while expressing how we feel. From next term, Marnie, Ivy’s mum, will continue to help us improve our BSL communication with weekly BSL lessons which we’re really looking forward to. It is really true what they say about family – it’s a group experience of love and support and that’s what we’re all about at the Ecole.