Ecole Football Team Plays Tournament in Lausanne

Sonntag, 01. Dezember 2013

by Daniel Davis Wood

The Ecole Football Team spent this weekend in Lausanne, playing in a tournament of a dozen teams from international boarding schools throughout Switzerland. Although football training at the Ecole tends to be less formal than training for basketball tournaments, the Ecole team still improved on last year’s tournament result by placing fifth out of twelve teams rather than sixth out of ten.

“It was absolutely freezing,” says team member Murod Saymudinov, discussing the chilly weather that settled over Lausanne this weekend. “My ears were burning the whole time and after running around for a long time I felt all hot inside but cold on the skin.” Despite the difficulties of the weather, however, coach Alex Cosh was impressed with the team’s performance, and has plans for more intensive training and high hopes for future tournaments.