American Program Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

Freitag, 29. November 2013

by Daniel Davis Wood

Students in the Ecole's American Program signed out from school dinner last night to celebrate Thanksgiving, one of the most important American national holidays. The Thanksgiving dinner featured six well-roasted birds — alas, not turkeys! — as well as plenty of stuffing, cranberry sauce, salads, cornbread, and pie for dessert. And, most impressively, the event was organized entirely by the students who participated in it. They made special arrangements to host it, they funded it, and they cooked all the food to perfection.

Events like the Thanksgiving dinner are fairly regular occurrences at the Ecole d’Humanité. Earlier in the Fall Term, Chinese students celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the entire student body came together to organize a Halloween party at the end of last month as well as at the same time last year.

Next on the agenda are the Christmas celebrations, and in the weeks ahead you’ll be able to watch them unfold right here on the Ecole website.

The photograph at the time of this page shows the entire Thanksgiving gang. Top row (standing) from left to right: Benedikt, Zebulon, Yannick, Mats, Eddie, Max, and Hannah. Middle row: Darshbir, Bogdan, Helena, Sofya, Mario, and Kylie. Bottom row: Jesse, Sam, Nattie, Nico, Cassia, Luca, and Hallie.