Ecole Students Visit the United Nations

Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

by Daniel Davis Wood

Last Monday, nine students from the Ecole’s Global Studies class went on an excursion with their teacher, Alex Cosh, to visit the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva. Global Studies involves learning about geopolitics and globalization, and the ways in which transnational political institutions like the U.N. respond to affairs of global interest, such as human rights violations and the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

For our Global Studies students, visiting the United Nations was an opportunity to see, up close, exactly how the material they have been studying in class has real-world causes and consequences. An international human rights conference was in progress when they arrived at the Palais des Nations, and they were able to spend some time watching it unfold as well as watching representatives of interest groups from various countries attend meetings with U.N. diplomats.

They all returned to the Ecole after dinner, energized by what they had seen and how they had made the most of the Ecole’s proximity to one of the most geopolitically important cities in the world.

The photograph at the top of this page was taken by Raphael Rutz and shows, from left to right, Dominik, Mats, Chia, Alex, George, Ben, Julius, Annika, Sebastian, and Gabriel.