Evening Music at the Sunday Andacht

Montag, 21. Oktober 2013

by Daniel Davis Wood

Last night’s Andacht was a treat for Ecolianers as they sat down to enjoy a spirited and energetic concert performed by our very own Dean of Students, Michael Schreier. In addition to overseeing student wellbeing at the Ecole, Michael contributes to the life of the Ecole community with a host of musical and theatrical talents. Last night, with piano accompaniment from Ursin Villiger, Michael took to the stage to play the panpipes and show off his juggling skills.

Left: Michael performs juggling tricks.
Right: Michael demonstrates 'contact juggling.'

Performing a range of classical pieces, including pieces by Mendelssohn and Bach, Michael and Ursin put together a polished act that they will also be taking on the road to audiences at concert halls in the city of Lucerne and in Canton Lucerne. They played about a dozen pieces in total, and Michael finished up each group of three songs with an improvisational panpipe performance. He also juggled and performed tricks with a crystal ball (an act known as contact juggling) while Ursin’s piano accompanied his movements.

Aside from performing for the Ecole community, Michael also spends some time each week teaching students the very skills he displayed for us last night. This special Andacht was therefore something more than just a show for Ecole students to sit back and enjoy. It was an opportunity for them to become interested in some of the unique abilities and interests that they are able to develop at our school.